Drumline 2K17

The 2017 marching season for SOTOGAB is looking to be one of our finest, and everyone could not be happier for all that is to come! One of the most eager sections is the drumline. This season our drumline is scheduled to go from 13 members to 23! In addition to these awesome new members, we are adding an innovative new subsection to the drumline: the flub-line. This will allow students to march with a not so traditional battery instrument (snare, tenors, bass, and cymbals). The “flub” drum is a low tom (what you’d see as the lowest drum off a set of tenors) with interchangeable auxiliary percussion that attaches to the rim of the drum. This is a hybrid between having a full on pit percussion section and a strictly battery section. Drumline member, Cody Burke, believes that the flub-line might “give students who are unexperienced with [marching percussion] the chance to feel a part of something special…” Despite any shortcomings any of us have, it’ll be hard to rag on our section because of the sweet new gold chrome drums we’ll be rocking!

Also, this next year we are playing two fantastic shows: The Music of Journey and Boston and a Broadway themed show. Polling from the drumline, it would appear that most members are excited to see the Broadway show, but we are definitely excited to see how both will be portrayed. These two shows will feature some of the following songs: Don’t Stop Believin’, Foreplay/Long Time, Alexander Hamilton, and The Phantom Of The Opera (just to name a few).

Perhaps the most wonderful part of our drumline would be the spirit that our members have! Our coordinator/section leader, Alex Moffe, is super thrilled to meet any/all new members of SOTOGAB. He did a wonderful job in his position last year and I’m positive that he’ll only go up from there. Other members like Cody Burke “look forward to being a leader for the first year and making life lasting friendships.” With all this support and enthusiasm for the upcoming year, we are sure to succeed at whatever awaits us!

Go Deacs!

Sam Sutton ’20

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